Are you sitting on a treasure chest?

Finding the untapped gold within your business

Ruti Dadash
2 min readJun 26, 2021


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Many of us are running after the next shiny object in business.

“I didn’t do so well this month — so I’m going to try this type of marketing, add a new product line, reach out to double as many people.”

We’re always trying to do more and more.

It reminds me of that famous story of a Jew from Cracow, Eisek the son of Yekel, who dreamed of a great treasure buried under a certain bridge in Prague. When the dream reoccurred three times in a row, he decided to act on it and travelled to Prague.

He found the bridge, but it was heavily guarded by soldiers and he was unable to do anything other than watch it for a few days, trying to see when the guards would leave. Finally, one guard confronted him, and Eisek revealed the tale of the dream. The guard laughed scornfully.

“You believe such dreams?! I’ve also been having a dream about treasure, in my dream it’s buried under the stove in the house of someone called Eisek the son of Yekel, in Cracow. You don’t see me running off to Cracow to search for this treasure!”

Eisek got the message and went back home, dug under his stove, and found the treasure.

The Treasures We Already Have

In business, we’re often busy running off to Prague, trying new tactics — that we forget to look at the treasures we have already.

If you have people calling and not all of them are becoming customers — you could work on improving your sales strategy.

If people are spending an average of $30 on a purchase, offer packages, cross-selling and back selling to push that up to $35 or $40.

If people come once and have a great time, implement some sort of follow up marketing system where you’ll ask them to come back.

You don’t need to spend more and try more ideas when you can optimize the systems you already have in place.

So, what aspect of your business can you optimize and leverage to make more money?



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